GDevelop Core
Core library for developing platforms and tools compatible with GDevelop.
GDevelop Core


The GDevelop Core library contains the main concepts, classes and tools that are used by the platforms and the GDevelop IDE.
This ensures that the IDE, or any tool based on GDevelop Core, is able to work with projects based on any arbitrary platform.

Two official platforms are available for GDevelop:

Getting started

First, please refer to these pages to install the required tools and to get help about setting up a basic extension:

  1. Setting up the development environment
  2. Overview of GDCore
  3. Write a new extension

You can also read Recommended tools and advices to work with GD.

About this documentation

If you never used GDevelop Core before, take a look at Overview of GDCore.

As everything that is developed around GDevelop is based on this library, you should take a look at it quite often: platforms, extensions and the IDE are intensively using the classes and tools offered by GDCore. When developing an extension for the C++ or JS platform, read these documentations: